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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

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Antique Needlework Samplers
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 Newport, RI dated 1773 from Stephen and Carol Huber
Rebeca Willbor (Wilbor)
Needlework Sampler
Newport, RI dated 1773

Groton, MA Needlework Sampler dated 1811 from Huber
Sarah Coburn Ridgeway
Needlework Sampler
Groton, MA 1811

Groton, MA Needlework Sampler dated 1813 from Huber
Elizabeth Relief Ridgeway
Needlework Sampler
Groton, MA 1813

Newbury, MA Sampler dated 1756 by Sarah Toppan from Huber
Sarah Bailey Toppan
Needlework sampler
Newbury, MA dated 1756

Newport, RI Needlwork Sampler c.1785 from Huber
Sarah Nichols
18th century American Sampler
Newport, RI c.1785

Newburyport, MA antique sampler by Hannah Flanders from Huber
Hannah Flanders
Needlework sampler
Newburyport, MA c.1804

Bradford, NH antique sampler by Cressy from Huber
Maria M. Cressy
Needlework Sampler
Bradford, New Hampshire c.1826

Philadelphia antique sampler by Mary Florence from Huber
Mary Florence antique needlework sampler, Philadelphia 1826

1798 Antique sampler by Pickard, Rowley, MA from Huber
Hannah Pickard
Needlework Sampler
Rowley, Essex, MA dated 1798

 Plymouth, MA Needlework sampler dated 1766 from Huber
Joanna Perkins
Early Band Sampler
Plymouth, MA dated 1766

L C 1791
Needlework Picture
Probably Philadelphia, PA dated 1791

Haverhill, MA sampler by Olivia Hoyt - Huber
Olivia Hoyt
Memorial Sampler
Haverhill, MA dated 1819

Cranston, RI antiques sampler by Celia Sheldon from Huber
Celia Sheldon
Antique Needlework Sampler
Cranston, RI dated 1806

 Yarn work picture from Huber
Bird and Floral
Yarn Embroidered Picture
American late 19 century

Windham, NH dated 1818 from Huber
Sally Gregg
Needlework Sampler
Windham, NH dated 1818

Mid-Atlantic States sampler dated 1813 from Huber
Elizabeth Conard
Needlework Sampler
Mid-Atlantic States dated 1813

Miniature Band Sampler from Huber
Miniature Band Sampler
American circa 1800

Rhode Island, 1794 Needlework Sampler from Stephen and Carol Huber
Frelov [Freelove] Weeden
Needlework Sampler
Rhode Island, 1794




Band sampler by Mary Boles from Huber
Sarah Boles
Early Band Sampler
American or English circa 1700

Heath family record sampler from Huber
Lydia A. Heath
Lynn, MA dated 1831

1761 Band Sampler by Mary Tabor - from huber
Mary Tabor
Needlework Band Sampler
Probably American dated 1761

 Dutch or German dated 1766 from Huber
Initialed ASF
Needlework Sampler
Probably Dutch or German dated 1766

 New Jersey shore sampler from Huber
Eliza C. McCullow
Family Record Sampler
Tuckerton, New Jersey dated 1838

Huber - Franklin County, PA
Elizabeth Sellers
Needlework Sampler
Franklin County, PA dated 1845

 1765 American sampler by Jand Wood - from Huber 
Jane Wood
Early American Band Sampler dated 1765

 1765 American sampler by Jand Wood - from Huber 
Jane Wood
Early American Band Sampler dated 1765

 Columbia County, PA Sampler - Huber
Matilda Paxson
Needlework Sampler
Columbia County, Pennsylvania

New Hampshire sampler dated 1813  from Huber
Caroline Marden
Needlework Sampler
New Hampshire dated 1813

 Memorial sampler by Sharp - Huber
Martha Sharp
Memorial to her sister Mary Ann
England c.1832

New England, sampler from Huber
Anonymous Sampler
New England c.1820

sampler from Stephen and Carol Huber by Sarah Brown
Sampler by Sarah Jane Brown
Massachusetts c.1810

Berks County Sampler from Huber
Rebecca Spohn
Antique Needlework Sampler
Berks County, PA c.1834

PA sampler from Hubers
Elmira Stephens
Needlework sampler
Pennsylvania dated 1820

 Sampler from Huber by Emily Stevens
Needlework sampler
Emily Ann Stevens
Jordon, Onondaga Co., NY dated 1837

 17thc Band Sampler from Huber
Band Sampler
17th Century
Probably English

Marlboro, MA sampler from Huber
Sarah Howe
Needlework Sampler
Marlboro, MA dated 1819

 English sampler - Huber
Margaret Pearse Ivey
Antique Needlework Sampler
England dated 1845

 Huber sampler by Hilderth of MA
Nancy Hildreth
Antique needlework sampler
Middlesex County, MA c.1803

 Brulington County, NJ  - Huber
Eufemea Moore
Antique Needlework Sampler
Burlington County, NJ dated 1816




 Dunstable, MA sampler from Huber
Rebeckah Woods
Dunstable, MA dated 1818

Pittsfield, NH sampler - Huber
Lucy White
Antique Needlework Sampler
Pittsfield, NH dated 1823

 Sudbury, MA sampler from Huber
Mary H. Brigham
Antique needlework sampler
Sudbury, MA dated 1828

 !7th century band sampler - Huber
Band Sampler
England 17th century

 band sampler dated 1685 - Huber
Margaret Cobb
English band sampler dated 1685

 Boxer band sampler - Huber
Anonymous "Boxer" Band Sampler
England 17th century

 New Hamphire sampler from  Huber
Rebecca J. Lund
Antique Needlework Sampler
Dunstable, NH c.1822

 Sampler by Ann Y. Pennock, Chester County, PA dated 1835
Sampler by Ann Y. Pennock
Chester County, PA dated 1835

 PA sampler 1826 - Huber
Louisa Ann Wright
Mid-Atlantic States sampler
Probably, Pennsylvania dated 1826

 Hattiot Lee sampler - Huber
Harriot Lee
Needlework Sampler
English dated 1822

 Barrett - sampler from Huber
Urania Barrett
Antique needlework sampler
Ashby, MA dated 1806

 Berks County, PA sampler - Huber
Elizabeth Ann Lee
Antique needlework sampler
Berks County, PA dated 1813

Germantown, PA sampler from Huber
Antique needlework sampler
Eliza Miller
Possibly Germantown, PA c.1830

Adam & Eve sampler from Huber
Adam & Eve sampler
Fanny J. Pierce
Erchfont, England 1879

antique sampler by S S Hayward from Huber
Antique needlework sampler by
S. S. Hayward aged 8
New England 1832


Goffstown, NH needlework sampler from Huber
Harriet L. Poor
Antique Sampler
Goffstown, NH 1825

 Hopkinton, MA sampler - Huber
Betsy Blanchard
Antique Needlework Sampler
Hopkinton, MA dated 1799

Order Of Free Gardeners Society mid-19th-century

Margaret Anderson's antique  family regester sampler, New Hamphire dated 1818 from Stephen & Carol Huber
Family register needlework sampler
Margaret Anderson
Windham, New Hampshire 1818

 East Haddam, CT sampler from Huber
Harriet N. Crowell
Antique Sampler
East Haddam, CT 1826

Brooks family record from Huber

Emily Brooks
Family Record Sampler
Townsend, MA 1830

Portsmouth, NH sampler from Huber
Sarah L. Whidden
Antique sampler
Portsmouth, NH 1828

Marblehead, MA sampler by Elizabeth Pedrick from Stephen and Carol Huber
Antique sampler
Elizabeth Pedrick
Marblehead, MA dated 1788

Sampler by Blodget from Huber
Family record sampler by Blodget of New Hampshire

 Sampler from Stephen & Carol Huber by Jane Milner, Lancaster, County, PA
Jane Milner
Needlework Sampler
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1830

 New England c.1800 sampler - Huber
Abigial Webster
Needlework Sampler
New England c.1800

 Westtown, PA Quaker sampler from Huber
Sarah A Hewes
QuakerWesttown School Sampler
Westtown, PA 1826

sampler from Stephen & Carol Huber by Laning 
Antique sampler
Rebecca Mills Laning
PA or NJ c.1820

 Deerfield, MA sampler - Huber
Mary Ann Bancroft
Antique needlework sampler
Deerfield MA area c.1825

 dresden sampler from Huber
Antique crewel work
Dresden Table Mat
Philadelphia, PA c.1740

 Mary L. Stanton, Pokeepsie, NY 1832 sampler from Huber
Antique needlework sampler,
Mary L. Stanton
Pokeepsie (i. e. Poughkeepsie), NY dated 1832

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Needlework sampler probably Maryland from Huber
Mary Ann Smith
Probably Maryland
Sampler Dated 1831

Antique needlework sampler
Anna Maria Titus
New York, NY 1823

McKee sampler from Huber
Mary McKee sampler
Origin unknown dated 1823
English or American

 sampler memorial from Huber by Koons
Needlework memorial sampler
Charlotte Koons
York, PA, dated 1821




 Antique sampler by Charlott White from Huber
Antique needlework sampler
Charlott White
Middlesex County, MA 1826

 Delaware Valley antique needlework sampler from Huber
Delaware Valley antique needlework sampler by Anne M. Dowell, c.1810.

Vermont sampler
Antique sampler
Mary Ann Ball
Temple, NH dated 1823




 Huber - Antique sampler by Wedgwood of Wolfboro, NH
Nancy V. Wedgwood
Antique needlework sampler
Wolfeboro, NH dated 1822

Gatehouse sampler - Huber
The Gatehouse
Antique Needlework Sampler c.1900?

 Abigil Rich Ware, MA antique needlework sampler from huber
Antique needlework sampler,
Abigail Rich
Ware, Massachusetts dated 1829

(The below sold items are a pleasure to browse through even though they're no longer available.)

Portland, ME sampler from Huber
Eliza Ann Capen
Family Record Sampler
Portland, ME dated 1817

Mount Vernon sampler from Huber
Ann Jones
Mt. Vernon needlework sampler
Probably Cambridge, MA dated 1827

Danvers, MA Sampler from Huber|
Phebe Wilson
Antique Needlework Sampler
Danvers, MA dated 1807

Huber sampler by Prouty of PA
Eliza Ann Prouty
Needlework sampler dated 1820
North central, PA

PA sampler by Woolman from huber
Hannah Woolman
Darby, Delaware Co, PA dated 1827

 Yearsley - Chester County, PA - Huber
Elizabeth Yearsley
Westtown Township
Chester County, PA dated 1827

Chester County, PA sampler from Stephen and Carol Huber
Hannah Haws
Needlework Sampler
Chester County, PA c. 1826

sampler Salem, MA - Huber
Mary Southward
Salem, MA sampler dated 1807

Burlington County, NJ sampler by Ann Borton from Stephen and Carol Huber
Antique needlework sampler
Ann Borton dated 1820
Burlington County, NJ

Philadelphia sampler - Huber
Rachel Haas
Mary Zeller's School
Needlework sampler
Philadelphia, PA dated 1808

New Hampshire sampler from Huber
Phebe Fuller
Needlework Sampler
Middletown, NH
Phebe Fuller sampler, 1798

Zeller's school sampler  Philadelphia - Huber
Rachel Boughten
Mary Zeller's School
Antique needlework sampler
Philadelphia, PA dated 1807

Kutztown, PA sampler - Huber
Alinda Fister
Needlework Sampler
Elizabeth Mason's School
Kutztown, PA dated 1843

NH sampler by Bowker from Huber
Melancia Bowker
Antique Needlework Sampler
Fitzwilliam, NH dated 1817

house sampler - Huber
Needlework sampler by
Phebe Ann House
Lancaster County, PA dated 1825
Inscribed: To be good is to be happy.

1749 band sampler from Huber
Ann Fosdick
Needlework Sampler
American or English dated 1749

 Huber - sampler by Hannah Chruchill of Plymouth, MA
Hannah Churchill
Antique needlework sampler
Plymouth, MA dated 1826

 Needlework sampler by Mary Pinckny  Boston from Huber.
Antique needlework sampler
Mary Pinckny
Boston, MA dated 1742

 Huber sampler by Hannah Johnson
Antique needlework sampler
Hannah Johnson
Probably NJ or PA
Sampler dated 1835

Huber - Antique sampler by Elking of Marblehead, MA
Jean (Jane) Elkins
Antique needlework sampler
Marblehead, MA dated 1796

Lydia Richardson antique needlework sampler Salem, MA dated 1799

Needlework Sampler
Jane Hammell
Burlington County, NJ, dated 1829

sampler from Stephen & Carol Huber by Snow
Salem, Massachusetts
c. 1803

Lydia Lippincott antique needlework sampler, Burlington, County, NJ dated 1832

 Glastonbury, CT sampler - Huber
Laura Mitchel
Antique needlework sampler
Miss Cornwall's School
Glastonbury, CT dated 1830

Abija Hall
Mary Balch's school
Providence, Rhode Island dated 1785

Nancy Hall
Mary Balch's school
Providence, Rhode Island dated 1788

Sampler by Mary Ann Post, Glastonbury, CT from Huber
Sampler by Mary Ann Post
Miss Cornwall's School
Glastonbury, CT 1827

Huber - Needlework sampler by Girdler of Marblehead, MA
Mary Girdler
Antique needlework sampler
Marblehead, MA c.1803

 Huber - CT sampler - Talcott
Celia Talcott
Wethersfield, Connecticut c.1818
antique needle sampler

Indiana sampler from Huber
Jane Mercer
Antique sampler
Switzerland County Indiana 1840

Baltimore, MD 1831 sampler - Huber
Sarah Kelsall
Antique Needlework Sampler
Baltimore, MD dated 1831

 Newton family sampler - Huber
Susan E. Newton
Newton Family Record Sampler
Roxbury, MA 1835

17th c Band Sampler from Huber
Band Sampler
17th Century
Probably English

band sampler from Huber by Mary Visitelly aged 11
Mary Visitelly
Band Sampler
London, England dated 1746

SUSANNA WEEDON English antique needlework band sampler dated 
1662 from Huber
English antique needlework band sampler dated 1662

Miniature Needlework Sampler from Huber
Louisa Hose
Miniature Needlework Sampler
Dated 1840

Miniature sampler by Emily Cooke from Huber
Emily Cooke
Miniature Sampler
American or English dated 1844

Miniature Needlework Sampler from Huber
Bridget Brown
Miniature Needlework Sampler
English dated 1775

American sampler dated 1792 from Huber
Betsey Morton
Antique needlework sampler
Probably Massachusetts dated 1782

Philadelphia, PA sampler from Huber
Barbara Gerz
Pictorial Needlework Sampler
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1810

Newbury, MA Sampler by E. Pickett from huber
Emily Pickett
Needlework Sampler
Newbury, MA dated 1825

Kent England sampler- Huber
Jane Allright
Antique Needlework Sampler
Kent County, England dated 1849

German buttonhole sampler from Huber
Buttonhole Sampler
German circa 1800

Boston house sampler from Stephen and Carol Huber
Hannah Clap
Needlework Sampler
Boston, MA dated 1807

Needlework Map of Europe from Huber

G. Smerdon
Needlework Map of Europe
Probably Southern English dated 1813

Eliza W. Gale
Needlework Sampler
M. Tuft's SchoolCharlestown, MA 1813

 Huber - Sampler from Ralston school, PA
Mary Ralston's School
Easton, PA c.1830

Sampler from Stephen & Carol Huyber by Cropper
Antique sampler family register
Margaret P. Cropper
Worcester County, MD c.1812.

German band sampler from Huber
German band sampler
Initialed A S, dated 1812

Mary Champion 1703 band sampler from Huber
Band sampler by Mary Champion
England dated 1703

CT sampler by Lewis from Huber
Frances Alvira Lewis
Needlework Sampler
Middletown, CT dated 1828

Westminster, Vermont sampler 1828 from Stephen and Carol Huber
Louisa Wright
Family register sampler, 1828
Westminster, Vermont

Berks County, PA sampler - Huber
Rosanna Spohn
Antique Needlework Sampler
Berks County, PA dated 1848

Rhode Island sampler - Huber
Elizabeth Jones Chace
Providence, Rhode Island dated 1816

Philadelphia sampler by Mary Orr from Huber
Mary Orr
Needlework Sampler
Philadelphia, PA Dated 1806

Boston - Russell - Huber sampler
Sarah Russell
Antique needlework sampler
Boston area dated 1805

Charleston, SC - Huber needlework
Sarah E. Thurston
Charleston, SC c.1843

sampler from Stephen and Carol Huber C. Ward - Erie, NY
Catherine M. Ward
Antique needlework sampler
Erie, New York 1818

Buss Family Sampler from Huber
Harriet M. Buss
Family Record Sampler
Sterling,Worcester, MA circa 1836

Early Boston Band Margaret born 1721
Margaret Allen
Early Band SamplerBoston, MA born 6/20/1721

Lexington, MA sampler from Huber
Susan Simonds Locke
Antique Sampler
Lexington, MA dated 1845

Lancaster County, PA c.1820 sampler from Huber
Mary Miller
Needlework Sampler
Lancaster, PA c.1820

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Sampler or Antique Sampler: Usually these terms refer to early needlework accomplishments stitched, or wrought by young students in schools with silk thread on a linen background. They can run the gamut in quality, complexity, and price. The first attempt at making a sampler by a young girl, or far less frequently a young boy, was usually a very simple sampler with only alphabets, numbers, name, date, and sometimes a small amount of decorative stitching. These are commonly referred to as marking samplers. As the students became more capable, the complexity of the sampler usually increased accordingly. At the very top are some masterpieces sporting a wide variety of difficult stitches and subtle color changes intricately and graphically executed to create a needlework sampler that was framed, proudly displayed and cherished. Now those same samplers are highly sought after and cherished by knowledgeable antique needlework collectors.

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