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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

Newport, RI dated 1773 from Stephen and Carol Huber

Rebeca Willbor (Wilbor)
Needlework Sampler
Newport, RI dated 1773

Rebecca worked this rare classic Newport, RI sampler in 1773 at age 12.  She inscribed is: Rebeca/ Willbor born/ jenavary 13/ & made this in/ November 5/ in NewPort/ Rhodisland/ 1773,  in the bottom cartouche.It is lavishly embroidered with a flowering vine three sided border several birds and animals,  a house with a fenced lawn, and a couple with a child and two gentlemen flanking the bottom cartouche.  She also included two alphabets and two verses

.Rebecca Wilbor, born 21 August, 1761 in Little Compton, RI,, was one of eight children born to John Wilbor and Eleanor Tripp.  She married Othniel Tripp and they had six children between 1792 and 1803.  Her husband was a distant cousin.She died at age 42 in 1803 leaving us this important sampler

.Silk on linen; 17 ½ x 12 1/5 framed


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