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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

Danvers, MA sampler by Lois Putnam from Huber

Lois Putnam
Needlework sampler
Danvers, MA 1811

Lois worked this pleasing and graphic sampler in 1811. She worked two rows of alphabets followed by two alphabets worked within oval cartouches. She inscribed it, Lois Putnam's Sampler Danvers/ Wrought in the 13th year of her age 1811. She then stitched the most popular verse found on samplers. Jesus permit thy gracious name to stand/ As the first effort of an infants hand/ And while her fingers o'er this canvas move/ Instruct her tender heart to seek thy love/ With thy dear children let her share a part/ And write thy name thyself upon her heart.

Lois (1797-1855) was the fifth daughter born to cabinetmaker Nathaniel Putnam (1746-1800) and Ruth Butler (1768-1850) of Danvers, Massachusetts. They married in 1788, she was his second wife. He had eight children with his first wife Mary Ober. Lois married George West (1802-1867) in 1824 and they had two daughters.

Lois has a long line of interesting ancestors, including the young girl that started the Salem Witch accusations which actually started in Danvers, MA and spread to Salem Village, the neighboring township five miles away.

Provenance: Dan and Marty Campanelli, who did the extensive research that accompanies this sampler.
Silk on green linsey-woolsey; 13 ½" x 14 3/8".


(860) 388-6809


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