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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

Early band sampler from Huber

Hannah Player
Early Band Sampler
American or English 1703

This early intricately stitched band sampler in excellent condition is inscribed: THIS WORK MADE/ BY ME HANNAH PLAYER IANU/ARY TWENTY SIX ONE THOU/SAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND THREE.

Note: The letter (I) is used in place of the letter (J). The bottom of the sampler has an undulating intertwined band with flowers which is frequently found on early Newport, RI samplers but is also similar to bands found on English samplers. Genealogical research on Hannah Player born in the early 1690s is inconclusive in determining the samplers origin.

Silk on linen; 14 ½ x 8 ½ sight.


(860) 388-6809


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