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Antique needlework canvaswork pictures
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 Huber - Canvaswork flowers c.1750
Canvaswork Picture
Vase of flowers
Probably American c.1750

southern birds from Huber
Folksy Canvaswork Picture
Southern Birds c.1830

 Lee family   Virginia - Huber
Lee Family
Canvaswork Picture
Virginia mid-18th century

tent stitch tree of life from Huber
(It's all about love)
Tree of Life Courting Scene
English canvaswork c.1700

 Huber -  Bluebird c.1750 canvaswork
Canvaswork Picture
Bluebird and Woodpecker
Massachusetts c.1750

 needlepoint picture c.1750 from Huber
Seated Lady
Probably English c.1750

(The below sold items are a pleasure to browse through even though they're no longer available.)

 canvaswork tent stitch
Reclining lady
England c.1750
tent stitch needlework

Boston tent stitch - Huber
Tent stitch needlework picture Boston c.1760

 canvas work
Floral canvaswork picture
circa 1775
 Antique needlepoint tentstitch


 Huber - canvaswork flowers mid-18th century
Canvaswork Picture
Vase of flowers
American or English c.1780

Antique needlework tentstitch pole screen Boston from Huber
Margaret Hammond
Boston, MA dated 1775
Antique needlework tentstitch pole screen

Parrot in Tree
Canvaswork Picture
Boston, MA c.1750


Shepherd and Shepherdess
Courting Scene c.1770
Probably Boston, MA

 Huber - Coat-of-Arms -? Boston, MA
Antique needlework
Probably Boston, MA c.1740
Coat of Arms

Boston Fishing Lady - Huber
Fishing Lady
Boston, Massachusetts c.1760
Descended in the Murdock family.



Canvaswork pictures: This category refers to a well known group of needlework pictures or needlepoint pictures, executed in "tent" stitch, predominately made in the mid 18th century in Philadelphia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, the Boston area, and in England. They often depict a shepherd and shepherdess or a hunt scene with a pastoral background. They vary in size from about 4" x 6" to massive and impressive works of art referred to as "over mantles" that can be 2 feet high and 5 feet wide. This type of needlework folk art is some of the most highly prized and aggressively collected antique needlework on the market today.


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