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Stephen & Carol Huber:  Dealers in antique needlework samplers, silk embroidery, cross stitch, tapestries.

Silk Embroidery of Maria - Huber
Probably Folwell School
Philadelphia, PA c.1810

This beautiful and elegant silk embroidery depicts the story of Maria.

Maria was a popular subject for school girls to stitch or paint. The heroine of Lawrence Sterne's (born 1713) novel, "Sentimental Journey Through Italy and France" published in 1768 just three weeks before his death. Its emphasis on sentiment became a popular genre for travel writings in the late eighteenth century. Most travel based stories of that period emphasized classical learning and objective observations.

Maria, who lost her clarity of mind after being jilted by her fiancé, went wandering with her pipe (flute) and a goat (who also deserted her). She acquired a dog, Sylvio, and kept him tethered to her stating, "thou shalt not leave me" which had a deeper meaning because her loving and anguished father recently died. This widely read story captured the imaginations of young ladies.

Silk and watercolor on silk, 18 ½" x 16" framed.


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