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Stephen & Carol Huber:  Dealers in antique needlework samplers, silk embroidery, cross stitch, tapestries.

Shakespeare Coriolanus embroidery - Huber

Coriolanus Act V, scene III
American c.1820

Frances Clifton worked this lavish large scale silk embroidery depicting the moment in Shakepeare’s play when Coriolanus's wife Virgilia, mother Volumnia, noble woman friend Valeria, and young son Martius, venture out from the city of Rome to plead with Coriolanus to not destroy the city.

Coriolanus vows to steel his heart against them but allows them to approach, his mother kneels before him and begs him to make peace. She tells him that she will block his path to Rome: "thou shalt no sooner / March to assault thy country than to tread... on thy mother's womb that brought thee to this world." Meanwhile, his son pledges that when he has grown older, he will fight against his father. Coriolanus, moved, starts to leave, but his mother stops him and asks him again to make an honorable peace, one that rewards Romans and Volscians (Coriolanus’ adopted army) alike, rather than destroy his native city. When he does not reply, she prepares to return to Rome and "die among our neighbors", but Coriolanus has been won over; he pledges to make peace immediately.

Silk, metallic thread, and watercolor on silk; 40" x 48" framed.


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