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Stephen & Carol Huber:  Dealers in antique needlework samplers, silk embroidery, cross stitch, tapestries.

Huber - Birth of Jesus

Christ in the manger embroidery from Huber.

 "Adoration of the Christ Child" Folwell school, Philadelphia, PA c. 1820.

This anonymous, very large silk embroidered picture was stitched at the Folwell School in Philadelphia that was run by Samuel Fowell and his wife Elizabeth. After the founder and artist Samuel Folwell died in 1815 his 15 year old son Godfery took over the responsibilities of creating the artwork designs for making silk embroideries. Godfery only worked for his mother for three years until 1818.

This is one of only four known silk embroideries from this de-sign. Although we don't know the name of the stitcher, Godfrey was the artist that created the design and painted the faces and background.

Silk and watercolor on silk; frame size 37" x 42 1/2".



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