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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

Peterboro, NH sampler - Huber
Eliza Carter
Antique needlework sampler
Peterboro, NH dated 1811

This charming colorful sampler is enhanced with a small center hall house dwarfed by towering flowering trees. One bird is singing "I'll do it my way", while the others, for the last 207 years, have been admiring the saw tooth border unaware of the beautiful tasty strawberries that lay beyond. That's one of the problems of living in a two dimensional world.

The verse is worth thinking about "From natures beauteous works are fitly drawn/ The bending forest and the spreading lawn/ These please the eye and bend the aspiring mind/ To nobler scenes of pleasure more refin'd."

Silk on linen; 18 3/8" x 18 ¼" framed.


(860) 388-6809


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